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  • Drugs Target to Stem Cells

           In the human adult body, pericytes are a group of stem cells surrounding tiny blood vessels. Pericytes are a control center of inflammatory events. If there are viral or bacterial infections, pericyte stem cells behave like leaders organizing the next responses: attract immune cells, produce fibroblasts, and secrete fluids to combating microbes, etc., sometimes at the cost of damaging our own tissues. Similarly, when pericytes are altered or mutated, they cause chronic inflammation and drive long-lasting overgrowth of cells, which become solid tumors.

           If there were drugs suppressing overactive pericytes, they would have triple effects in combating infection, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. This is because the suppression of pericytes would reduce both acute inflammation in infection and chronic inflammation in cancer. In the meantime, the suppression also relaxes capillaries, which are the tiny blood vessel tubes enveloped by pericytes. Relaxed capillaries will reduce blood pressure. The triple effective wonder drugs do exist. One of them is aspirin. Aspirin is well-known for its triple effects in combating infection, cancer, and heart disease. More potent drugs may exist in herbs, which can be identified by the drug target in pericytes.

  • Triple Effective Herbs

            A drug target protein controlling pericytes has been found. This drug target is a DNA-binding oncoprotein named GT198 (gene symbol PSMC3IP, alias name Hop2). The mutations of its human gene are present in some breast and ovarian cancer families’ blood DNA. In many types of solid tumors, it alters in pericytes. Several chemotherapy drugs used in clinics precisely inhibit this drug target but less effective. However, a number of herbal medicines have been found to inhibit this drug target more potently. 

          Interestingly, the identified positive herbs have historical evidence in combating cancer, infection, and heart disease in human patients. With the drug target available, it is now possible to isolate and purify better drugs from nature. The stake behind this promise is a combination of accumulated academic achievements and traditional herbal wisdom worldwide.

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