Develop Drugs From Nature


“Nature itself is the best physician.”    Hippocrates (c. 460-370 BC)

  • About

            OnkoTarget is a biopharmaceutical company. We are dedicated to developing and commercializing life-changing medicines for cancer and diseases. We welcome collaboration, investment, and partnership in drug development.

            We have discovered a drug target, a stem cell factor central to solid tumor as well as inflammation. This new drug target enabled us to screen, validate, and isolate powerful drugs from natural herbs.

            Our company is a leading developer focusing on this unique new drug target. Our team is comprised of a group of passionate scientists and business entrepreneurs with diverse expertise in drug development.

  • Vision

            We aim to deliver safe breakthrough treatments of cancer and inflammatory disease globally.

  • Mission

            We focus on multiple drug pipelines to develop effective and safe medicines from natural herbs aiming at our drug target. 

  • Why it works

            Our medicines will be successful because they attack the root of diseases. These drugs will be safer because they are purified from natural herbs known to be effective in human treatments in the past.