“T-E-A-M stands for together everyone achieves more.”    Gary Busey

  • Management


Lan Ko, MD, PhD. Founder and CEO of OnkoTarget LLC. She originally cloned an oncogene at Harvard Medical School and continued the research in Eli Lilly and Company. She discovered an oncoprotein as a drug target in stem cells when she served as a faculty at Augusta University over a decade. Her graduate students and fellows are now faculty and physicians. She is a Distinguished Cancer Scholar at Georgia Cancer Coalition, and a patent inventor. She is also a business entrepreneur with innovative publications. She leads strategic planning, laboratory R&D, and company operations in business development.


Fanglu Huang, PhD. Chief Scientific Officer. Prior to receiving her PhD in Biochemistry in the US, she was an independent investigator in the Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences specializing in natural product organic purification. She later joined the Department of Chemistry of the University of Cambridge in the UK for eighteen years with extensive publications of her natural product studies. She is an inventor of several patents and a recipient of grant awards. She is responsible for scientific development in R&D.


Lily Zhang, BS, Chief Marketing Officer. After graduation from the Soochow University, she obtained further training in Australia before worked in financial and business industries in Hong Kong. She has over two decades of sales experience, and was a successful entrepreneur in sales, finance, and insurance industries, establishing extensive sales network. She also engaged in greener health training for a large healthcare system. She is responsible for product marketing and sales.


Chloe Kan, BS, Chief Production Officer. After gaining a bachelor degree in Business Administration, she has been working in human resource management for more than a decade. She oversees all-rounded HR functions, including recruitment, compensation, benefits, training, performance management, and labor relations. She is experienced in communications crossing international companies, among broad of directors, executives, and external parties. She is responsible for product manufacture and development.


Ping Ke, BS, Chief Financial Officer. She has been an investigator working in the Institute of Textile of Textile Academy of Science. She later established several small commercial companies, engaging in sales, real estate, green town development, and investment management. She has been an investor for the company’s research and development in the past. She is responsible for financial operations.



Di Wang, BS, MBA, Chief Business Officer. He has more than two decades of experience in banking. He worked in the Bank of Communications, and has successively served as account manager; finance and planning specialist; deputy manager of corporate department; vice president; and the president of a bank branch. He has won the merit, excellence and contribution awards. He has extensive knowledge of financial policies, capital risk controls, and financial comprehensive evaluations. He is responsible for business operations.


  • Scientific Advisory Board


Campbell McInnes, PhD. Campbell is a professor at the University of South Carolina (USC) with extensive academic and industry experiences in synthetic organic chemistry, structural biology, and computational chemistry towards the discovery and development of anti-cancer therapeutics. He specializes in structure-guided medicinal chemistry and develops selective small molecule inhibitors by targeting protein interactions. He has records of accomplishment both in the pharmaceutical industry and in academia in anti-cancer drug development, and has extensive experience in collaboration among multidisciplinary groups. He is a founder of a biotech company named PPI Pharmaceuticals with NIH funding support.


Junfeng Pang, PhD. He is a senior research fellow at Augusta University and has over two decades of research experience in molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, and natural product plant biology. He has deep knowledge in isolating natural products from medicinal plants. He specializes in characterizing molecular mechanisms in cancer using cellular and animal models with extensive scientific publications. He also serves as reviewers for scientific journals and grants. He has been a vice president of the student council, and is a CFO of CSRA Chinese Culture Center Corp.


Jie Gao, PhD. She is an Assistant professor at the University of Alabama Birmingham. She teaches graduate students. She is an organic chemist that specializes in natural product purification, chemical structure identification, and organic synthesis. She holds PhD degree from the University of South Carolina when she worked closely and co-authored with multiple research articles with Dr. Campbell McInnes.


  • Board of Advisors

David C. Jones, JD, He is a well-experienced lawyer at Trotter Jones, LLP. He obtained his JD at the University of Georgia, School of Law. His practice area focuses on real estate, corporate, trusts, and estates. He has worked in a large international law firm, providing experienced and efficient legal guidance to corporate clients, and has fundamental knowledge of the laws governing residential and commercial real estate. David Jones is the registered agent of OnkoTarget LLC.

Jason Sowinski, BS, MBA. Jason is a VP of Small Business Banker at Bank of America with over two decades of experience. Jason was a Financial Center Manager for multiple centers and served as a Small Business Banker for the Aiken/Augusta market, supporting all financial centers and the Merrill office. Jason is responsible for acquiring new small business client relationships.

Anthony Luo, PhD. Anthony is an examiner at US Patent and Trademark Office, responsible for reviewing and approving patent applications. He also has over a decade of experience with venture startup companies in both US and China. He has founded and co-founded two startups to develop consumer products and provide consulting services. His company was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to provide logistic support. He helped a pharma to obtain the WHO GMP certificate.